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Last Thursday's Launch Party was amazing. Thank you to Marble Bar for hosting, State Representative Robert Wittenberg and Garlin Gilchrist for introducing me, Mike Medow for djing, Detroit Playcare for providing childcare, Jen David for providing karaoke, Say Raw Kennedy for the photography, Royal Kabob for the food, and everyone who attended for their love and support. Most of all, thank you to our campaign staff, our volunteers, and my campaign manager, Alissa Graff. Thank you for inspiring me. Let's make our future story one we can be proud of together. Vote Nolish for State Representative of House District 4. #VoteNolish #OpportunityTogether





This weekend, I flyered local businesses, introduced myself, and invited everyone to our VoteNolish Launch Party this Thursday. We’re doing the same today. Marble Bar is located at 1501 Holden St, Detroit, MI, 48208. Doors open at 630 pm. Remarks start at 715 pm. We’ll have food. Mike Medow will be djing. We’ll have childcare. And at 9 pm, karaoke kicks off. The event is free but donations are encouraged. Come through to lend an ear. I hope to move your heart. #VoteNolish #OpportunityTogether





Five for Friday. There are 24 Fridays between now and the election. Every one I’ll be asking for $5, $50, and $500 donations. Can you chip in $5 or more for my State Representative campaign? I’m running to create greater opportunity in Hamtramck and Detroit. Many hands, lighter load: http://bit.ly/2nyYSW3 #VoteNolish #OpportunityTogether

On Gun Violence Prevention

February 15th: The State of Michigan should pass Extreme Risk Protection Order legislation, providing survivors of domestic violence extra protection against gun violence at the hands of their abusers.

We should implement universal background checks. We should ensure all gun owners have a license and proper training. We should lift the federal ban on gun violence research. We should crack down on illegal online sales. And we should ban assault weapons, including the AR-15 assault-style rifle.

State Representative Robert Wittenberg is actively working to prevent gun violence in Michigan. Founder and Chair of the Michigan Gun Violence Prevention Caucus, he is a champion for the efforts above. I am running to serve by his side and add another voice, and vote, to protect our residents. It’s time. #enough


Happy Valentine's Day!

Love is love. And if your heart moves you to donate, we’d love to have your support: http://bit.ly/2nyYSW3 #VoteNolish #OpportunityTogether





February 9th: Five for Friday. There are 25 Fridays between now and the election. Every one I’ll be asking for $5, $50, and $500 donations. Can you chip in $5 or more for my State Representative campaign? I’m running to create greater opportunity in Hamtramck and Detroit. Many hands, lighter load: http://bit.ly/2nyYSW3 #votenolish #opportunitytogether





February 6th: Dear Friends, last Friday we announced Jeffrey Nolish for State Representative. Thank you so much for your support! We sincerely appreciate it. This week, we have two asks:

1. Make a donation: http://bit.ly/2nyYSW3

2. Commit to attend our VoteNolish Launch Party, Thursday, February 22nd, at 6:30 pm at Marble Bar located at 1501 Holden St, Detroit, MI 48208

Early money builds momentum. Please share the launch invite with your friends and family: http://bit.ly/2E7IJ42 We have a stake in the future of Hamtramck and Detroit. Let's fight for #OpportunityTogether



February 2nd: Today, I am proud to announce my run for State Representative of Michigan’s 4th House District, which includes Hamtramck and parts of Detroit. I am running as a Democrat and I am asking for your support.

District 4 residents deserve good jobs, good schools, quality transportation that connects communities throughout the region, and more. Prioritized funding and resources in these areas will reduce poverty and create shared prosperity. I am running to make it a reality.

My diverse background and dedicated service make me a qualified candidate to serve the cities of Hamtramck and Detroit. I was adopted from Bogotá, naturalized in Detroit, and raised in a multiracial Jewish household in nearby Huntington Woods. I served in AmeriCorps providing Hurricane Katrina disaster relief. I served Detroit’s City Council and Planning & Development Department as an analyst and advocate. Today, I proudly serve in the Michigan Air National Guard and U.S. Air Force.

These experiences taught me to value different people and perspectives. They prepared me to solve problems and persevere. I am confident in my ability to serve as State Representative of Michigan’s 4th House District and I have the courage to fight every day to champion our community’s concerns.

Stand with me to fight for fairness and justice, fight for the marginalized and middle-class. Everyone deserves their place in the sun. It’s time to seize this opportunity together.

Much love,
Jeffrey Nolish
#VoteNolish #OpportunityTogether