GOOD JOBS: Every resident deserves a good job.

    •    Jobs that pay a living wage/$15 per hour and allow families to build wealth.

    •    Jobs that offer benefits like health insurance, dental and vision care, paid vacation, paid sick leave, and paid family leave.

    •    Jobs that offer fair scheduling which end unpredictable hours, reduced hours, or unhealthy hours at work. 

    •    Jobs that protect labor rights and expand worker representation.

    •    Jobs with universally designed workplaces that meet the needs of all people who wish to use them.

    •    Jobs that offer mobility management to ensure everyone can reliably travel to/from and contribute at work.

    •    Jobs tied to inclusive growth that promotes development delivering an economic benefit to all.

GOOD SCHOOLS: Every resident deserves good schools, skills training and educational opportunities.

    •    We need more funding for public schools.

    •    We need more funding for school infrastructure.

    •    We need more funding per pupil, $9800 per student at a minimum, and we need equitable funding for low income, special needs and multilingual students.

    •    Students deserve safe environments to study, free from harm.

    •    Students deserve an education preparing them to excel in science, technology, engineering, the arts/athletics, and math.

    •    Students deserve dedicated counselors and teachers, who are paid competitive salaries.

    •    Residents deserve low-to-no cost technical training and skill trades programming to build our skilled trades workforce.

•    Residents deserve literacy and resource centers to encourage reading, writing and computational skill development.

•    Residents deserve small business support to encourage development.

QUALITY TRANSPORTATION: Every resident deserves the opportunity to move more freely and easily throughout the region.

    •    We need to fill our potholes, design our streets and greenways to increase mobility and decrease flooding, and use rational funding formulas to support our infrastructure making it safe for all users.

    •    We need to ensure that our drivers have access to fair and affordable auto insurance so everyone can get where they want or need to go; we get there through (a) prohibiting non-driving factors (like geographic redlining), (b) introducing a fee schedule (adding predictability to healthcare), (c) strengthening the insurance regulatory function (giving individuals with insurance company issue a way to fix it), and (d) by making the Catastrophic Claims Fund transparent (if a surplus is found, it should be returned to the resilient residents of the district through reduced premiums or rebates).

    •    We need to create robust regional transportation so our residents can enjoy their commute and better access opportunity throughout Southeast Michigan.

GUN VIOLENCE PREVENTION: Every resident deserves safe environments to thrive; today there are too many guns in too many hands causing violence.

    •    We need to pass Extreme Risk Protection Order legislation.

    •    We need to implement universal background checks.

    •    We need to ensure all gun owners have a license and proper training.

    •    We need to lift the federal ban on gun violence research.

    •    We need to crack down on illegal online sales.

    •    We need to ban assault weapons and bump stocks.

HOUSING: Every resident deserves decent housing.

•    We need to reduce formal and informal evictions.

•    We need to reduce landlord foreclosures.

•    We need to reduce building condemnations and move toward greater historic preservation.

•    Residents deserve affordable housing and grant and loan programs to assist in housing rehabilitation.

•    Residents deserve the ability to age in place and community.